The Firm
I’m Leaving
[Verse 1: Noreaga]
Yo, NORE know this, and NORE know that
Yo, but NORE know gat (Why?)
'Cause NORE buck dat
Irak'll make you famous
Throwin' gang signs like it's sign language
Distinguish us from the others
Kidnap your baby mothers
Bringin' drama to the deep covers
Salute G, bust you down like a loosey
José probably lay with a gold uzi
Conquer Italy, Africa and Sicily
N***as actin' sissy, see
Pointin' guns and missin' me
("Yo, son, it's on, son")
Hey, yo, there's beef in the hood again
N***as came with hoods again
Thinkin' that it woulda been
Saw us, from what we first did, when we did
Now we twist another wig, a mother lose another kid
But it's beef now, keep it short, real brief now
Strike vigorous, no intentions of missin' it
They sent the message, or example, whatever
Set it up, man on man
Only to score, we apply the plan
Quickly explain why you ran in this dark land
We lay you down in the sand
On the lines like the internet
Many will come but few was chosen
Against my set, there ain't a n***a yet
Smoke so much, n***as say I need Nicorette
You say bogie but you used to say cigarette
Dun know, a new religion, a new beginning
I'm leaving
(Baby, don't go, I know the block is hot
Boo, I'll watch your spot)
I'm leaving
(Sweetie, don't leave
I need you to stay with me (Come on))
Uh huh, uh, uh
Uh huh, uh, uh
I'm leaving
(Boo, I can't understand)
And don't think that I'll be back again

[Verse 2: Nature]
It's like a bad dream, and I can't wake up
Mouth caked up, knowin' these cats is fake f**ks
And it ain't right, with no love, them hugs ain't tight
Son, we used to pop bottles and slugs the same night

[Verse 3: Noreaga]
Aiyo, they left me
Right hand damaged and I ain't lefty
Couldn't bust when I's supposed to pull
What I'm supposed to do?
Lay down? Watch these n***as spray me? Or maybe
We strike accurate, blaze them plus they ladies
[Verse 4: Nature]
I woulda never thought we'd ever get caught in this way of life
Prosecution, if you violate a playa's rights
Say it twice
Nature soon to be engraved in ice
Hangin' off my neck, glistens like it's framed in light

[Verse 5: Noreaga]
The most call me José
Shootin' the Arty Clay/Benedict Arnold type
Gettin' this rap loot, still sellin' China White
Either Allah or Christ
Married to marijuana, now my n***as don't write
(No ice, still livin' this life)


[Verse 6: Nature]
You got the nerve to say that Nature's slippin'?
The greatest vision
Bald-head kid, Cartier frames, the latest Pippens
Doggy-style was my favorite position
Until I switched it, dead sh*t, got on some head sh*t
Headed in the wrong direction up in the Sheraton
QB to LA, still puffin' my medicine
For those lost in the streets, Up North or deceased
For those strugglin', I'm fortunate to eat
I dedicate this, tell me right now how do you rate this?
Whatever happened to the mule and the 40 acres?
It's outrageous, the way the god finesse the basics
Invasion, me and Noreaga - Firm made men