The Firm
Love Is Love
[Interlude: AZ]
AZ Ha, ha, ha, new drink, Baileys and Henny
You ain't got no Henny, get the Remy
You ain't got the Remy, any cognac'll do
Smooth criminal sh*t baby

Keyser Söze intention
Glide in a Hummer wit the flying saucer engine
Willied out, at my crib in the winter having cookouts
Smack my wiz, look out
I'm like Barnabas, crab n***as trying to conquer us
They mad 'cause we jump out of cabs and hop on the bus
Copping dust, Firm Clique rock the whole Metropolis
B*t*hes who burn d**k won't put a stop to us
N***as who-

[Intro: AZ]
See; this is what I mean
When we come together like this incredible things take place
See we connect thoughts to collect shorts
And only the strong survive
I love my black people, we are the future

[Nina Simone sample]
Black is the color of my true love's hair
His face so soft and wondrous fair
[Verse 1: AZ]
Chop the pie up four ways, get lyed up
Infiltrate, never violate, get tied up
It's all a chess game, choose sides, the best remains
True Lies, vibes die when bums infest the game
Bogus sh*t shock you broke and let your man get locked
I live this Hip Hop, stock the bank let the crys pop
Peep the next sh*t, push a big Benz, f**k a Lexus
The streets was hectic so I stacked and made my exit
More dough to get focused, my thoughts for me to go legit
Ferocious sh*t, cop a huge castle on a ocean cliff
Imagine that a few years back I was bagging cracks
Magnum gats playing street corners, committing savage acts
Twisting up, nothing but love for n***as sitting up
Hold your own, try coming home without getting touched
Two for one laws made foul how they do the young
Was new to come, try to tell shorty he should of threw the gun

{"Black is the color of my true love's hair"}

[Verse 2: Half-A-Mil]
Knowledge the green Wallys, all I see
My mind hold math like caller ID, chose the path that chose me
I'ma tell you like G-O-D told me
Greed, lust, hate and envy, sweet dust from shanty
Keeps us from simply unifying organizing
We all are falling when we think we all are rising
We pop Cris' on the horizon, topless chicks with thick thighs and
I rather be civilizing, enterprising, improvising
Temperature rising, Elohim gave me the guidance
Told me, "Leave those 85ers alone, blend with the wise men"
That bought 80 G stones, twin Mercedes on homes
F**k it, just spend 10 G alone on chrome
When I die they'll take my chromosomes and clone clones
208 bones, microchip kids, we most dominant
You know what time it is, that's why I exist
Jump out of limo, lands, fire at the place
Why are scientists supplying this Leviathan, why this?
I'm surviving this quiet tribalness
Finalist year 2000 flying the whips
9 cent, mind bent, 1999 rhyme alignment
{"Black is the color of my true love's hair"}

[Verse 3: Nature]
We went from arraignments to entertainment
24/Sev the same sh*t playing the strip, living dangerous
Bottle after bottle soon became a ritual
The patterns we follow, others found 'em difficult
I guess it's obvious as to what my hobby is
The root of all evil pollute same n***as body kids
Getting caught up, the same gang that left 'em all stuck
I reminisce on VS touching my fourth cup
Me my only problem is I'm all f**ked
Knowing in my heart I can't sleep 'til I bust off nuts
Weave religion for all my n***as that beat the system
And those bitten sitting since ColecoVision
Y'all need to listen, it's journalistic
Y'all hear the whispers, the n***as in the Firm is twisted
Spit that fly sh*t that earn the b*t*hes
Whip the chrome 6 up the FDR, it's bless we are
See, I never let them stress me God, forever stress-free
While twisting up logs of that nestle
Who are you to question me?
It's just my destiny to kick back, kill time and live successfully

[Outro: AZ]
Firm, how y'all want it huh, ha ha
Talk to me, we give it to y'all either way
We working with y'all, this is for you!
Love is Love, '98, Firm sh*t