Tim McGraw

[Verse 1: Tim McGraw]
You see, Billy got picked on at school
For things he couldn't change
He tried his best to play it cool
But in the seventh grade
You either fit right in or you don't fit
That's just the cold hard truth
I wish that I'd have been the friend
That Billy never knew

[Chorus: Tim McGraw & Tyler Hubbard]
I think it's time to come together
You and I can make a change
Maybe we can make a difference
Make the world a better place
Look around and love somebody
We've been hateful long enough
Let the Good Lord reunite us
'Til this country that we love's
Undivided (Yup)

[Verse 2: Tyler Hubbard]
You either go to church or you're gonna go to Hell
Get a job and work or you're gonna go to jail
I just kinda wish we didn't think like that
Why's it gotta be all white or all black?
And when we gon' learn to try on someone's shoes sometimes? (That's right)
And when we gon' start to see from someone else's eyes?

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