Crime Mob
We Some Playaz
We some playaz, we some playaz
We some playaz, we some playaz
We some playaz, we some playaz
We some playaz
Repeat 2x
We some playaz,(b*t*h)
We some playaz,(hoe)
We some playaz,(n***a)
We some playaz,(get it right cuz we)
We some playaz

(Lil JAY)
Lil n***a I got dem pants
And got dammit I fear no man
You can tell by da way I walk
And da way I talk, I'll beat yo a**
You can check da set I claim
Eastside n***a where I hang
Dem n***as there think we lame
But shawty round here we don't play no games
Cuz' n***a we be some playaz
Representin' Ellenwood, Decatur
Fresh wit' dem gators
Yo b*t*h chose me and I'm gon take her
Soon as I walk thru da door
Ya already know a n***a like me
Fresh head ta toe
F**k ya ain't neva seen these befo'
Country playa type n***a
Stackin' g's in mo!

I'm a pimp by blood playa by nature
Keep ya man close or I might take him
What he say he won't do I bet I'll make him
And have him spending money on me till I break him
You can't say no to this chick n***a please
Look in my eyes baby tell me what you see
No love for these nothin' a** n***as I'ma G
Just tell 'em what they wanna hear
To get what I need
I came into da world
All fresh, wanna get it
I'm princess yes
And I'm all about the Benjamin's
Pockets stay fat
Thighs super thick
Got the body of a goddess
Bow down to me quick
Come here big daddy
Let me tell you what it is
Kiss my pinky ring
And I'll have u doin dumb sh*t
Get pimp slapped quick
If you try to cross the line
Go out and get my money n***a don't waste time!

Repeat Chrous

I be C.Y.C.O.B.L.A.C and I puts it down cuz shawty I'ma g
Never give a f**k about anotha muthaf**ka
Cuz' I beat muthaf**ka screamin' m.o.b
Everyday thats all I preach
Get money n***a thats all I know
Promp in the drop if you didn't know that sh*t
Then my n***a you already sho'
And if it fa sho' I get that playa
Straight on Decatur that is my city
Showin' no pity for no b*t*h man n***a
Cuz right now choppa is ons like killa
And I'm dead a** fa realla
All about scrilla gorilla da game
I get it in many wayz
I'm all about bread n***a f**k bein' lame!

Oh sh*t gah damnit muthaf**ka
When I step through da door
You muthaf**kas don't wanna get no mo
I'ma muthaf**kin pimp
I'ma muthaf**kin mack
I'm the muthaf**kin sh*t
So you already know
That I'm stackin' my dough
I'm bout paper mane
My everyday hustle's my master plan
And yo man I will take him
And date him and break him
And make him fall wet in baskets
Get a couple hundred grand in my pocket
Go shoppin', set stoppin', show stoppin'
Cuz' I am that b*t*h
All these other n***as
Wishin' they could f**k with
Get rich, pimp sh*t, boss b*t*h thats me
Givin' to the rich folk
Lookin' wealthy
Now I got a car an' crib
It ain't hard to see
Got plenty pimpin' sissys
Ain't feelin guilty
A muthaf**kin playa
Thats who I be!