Crime Mob
Cyco Blak On Da Track Get Em

Im All Madden In Dis Game And Ain't Go How Go Make Me Change And Ain't No N***a Gonna Make Me Tuck My Chain(Hell Naw) [x2]

Im All Madden In Dis Game I Got Game Lyke Da Best I Givez A F**k Wat U Thank U Can't Hang Wit Da Best We On Deack And Every Position High Athority Wit Diz Underground Rap U Could Say We N***a'z Royialty Respect Dat Sh*t Loyaly Cuz We Da Reson U Walk Ain't No Blessin And No Coffin I No Diz Iz In Dem Songz M.O.B We Drop Dem Boomz I Seguest U Not To Fight U On Da Gra** Lesson Learned Ain't No Ricats In Mi Pop

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah If Dimond Iz Sumthin U Ain't Neva Seen Im Poppin And Scorchin At 300 Dregreez Down Fa Muh G's That Iz Nothin But G'z Lab If A Sceez Den Belive Dat Ya Probly Got Beef If U Really Want It N***a Den Brig It To Da Street Rip D'z On Dez Streetz So Ya Betta Keep Ya Peace Talkin Sidewayz Will Get U Beat To Ya Sleep Knock A Grown A** Woman All Da Way Down To Her Knees All About G'z Got Tricks Up Mi Sleeves Now Who Wit Da Least Cuz Mi Pockets Incresed If Ya Lookin Fa Me Shawty Count 20 Of Dez Im All Madden Wit Diz Sh*t You Could Say Imma Beast Chang Hang Low Lyke M.O.B's If You Eva Got Some Madden U Know Were To Find Me

[Chorus x4]

Im In Diz Sh*t To Win It Alll Madden B*t*h U Know Mi Name It Ain't Go Change And No Hoe Go Trynna Stop Mi Shine Or Make Me Tuck Mi F**kin Chain I Ain't No Lame So Come Correct B*t*h When U Step To Me Da Best Wich U Will Neva Be Da Rest Ya Might Be Scared To See Ya Lifes In Jepordy A Legisy Iz Built Fa Me Up High Z Where Im Ment To Be Im Goin Down In History To Be Da One To Make Yo A** So Quick To Flee In Misary Itz Wat U Do Or Else Mi Team Iz Wat U Gonna See