Crime Mob
Diggin Me
[Verse 1: Lil Jay]
I peep your eyes and I realize that you want us together
Did me so wrong had me alone but now we'll make this better
Our legacy the best to me and greater than none other
In ecstacy my style unique has you feeling a brother
Our love for this not lil but big it stretch like the Atlantic
No pimping now from here on out what we do is romantic
You feeling this I'm serious and I ain't never kidding
I know it's deep and hope to see that Lil Jay's who you digging
I'll pave the way for you and Jay to walk and run in this world
I'm meant for you; your meant for me no need for hard to get girl
I know you digging me I'm digging you so what's the hold up
You did me wrong alone our style is wild but still I'm tore up
So sick you made me throw up confused thinking about you
I had a crush I stayed with trust and I would never doubt you
One in a million and my feelings bout you is so gravy not one above you
And I love you girl cause you's my baby

I know that you be digging me my style puts you through ecstacy
And this is how it has to be so why did you do me so wrong
I know that you be digging me my style puts you through ecstacy
And this is how it has to be so why did you leave me alone

[Verse 2: M.I.G.]
Why did you do me so wrong shawty won't you pick up the phone
Twenty-four hours in my zone when you hit me back I'm gone
Left me alone once again that's f**ked up my closest friend
Wrote love letters more than ten I'm f**ked up off seagrams gin
We was in this sh*t to win like Jaquise this ain't no joke
Walk you home right after school you met me at every show
He's my baby he's my folk you my lady you ain't no hoe
Cause these hoes just want my money and that sh*t right there's for sho
You just let a n***a go now what I'm supposed to do
Momma told me love was blind should of never f**ked with you
But it's cool that the news even though you gave me the blues
I'm willing to put that all aside just to get back right with you
Girl I'm a fool for your love in my eyes you are a dove
God is really looking out sent me a angel from up above
Tell that by the way you posted up you need a thug in you life
F**k them sucker mutherf**kers they ain't loving you right

[Chorus 2X]
Leave Me Alone... {*repeat until end*}