Crime Mob
I’ll Beat Yo Azz
[Hook: repeat 4X]
I'll beat yo azz, I'll beat yo azz
I'll beat yo azz, I'll beat yo azz
I'll beat yo azz my n***a, I'll beat yo azz, I'll beat yo azz AIIGHHT!

[Verse 1 - M.I.G]
I'll beat the breaks off a n***a if he thinking that he realer
Than the six feet four I'm the giant out of the river
I deliver all the hits teach you how to talk that sh*t
I'm the one who got these n***as screamin Ellenwood b*t*h!
Chrome sh*t to yo face ever lasting' like the yay
Put them hands on that n***a told him to get up out of my way
It's okay you can say in your place where you'll be found
From the club to the lot see how M.I.G get down!


[Verse 2 - Killa C]
Stop all that yapping b*t*h back the f**k off of me
You gon' be the one to fall over from my f**king killing spree
Favoring on the seven then them days that I be stacking' G's
Call me the leader of this crucial a** army
My n***a you swear you hard talking' sh*t
Maintaining my ana look at my mother f**king gun it is like Tony Montana's
Back back my n***a and give me fifty feet
MOB off in this b*t*h and we beat that a** asleep

[Verse 3 - Lil' Jay]
What's up with ya?
F**k n***a back the f**k off before I swing my fist
You come get it I got it you know stopping' popin' ain't taking no sh*t
I stay with my n***as surrounding don't try to down or clown me talking that trash
Off in the club, f**k n***a what?
I swing for myself and beat yo lil' a**
Crime Mob the click and we be the sh*t and we be the n***as that don't give a f**k
Stop all the hating b*t*h you faking?
Step on that station you will get your a** stuck
Ready to buck, ready to ride, crunk in the club with my click on my side
Get your hand off my bad I sit up and thrash
So let that be nothing to it just yo azz

[Verse 4 - Psycho Blak]
You don't want no problems cause I'll have to solve them
You don't want to dance with this a** cause I'll drop ya
Psycho B. gon' rock ya address it like a heavy weight
I'll spray you off like mack and hit your a** when you violate
Because this sir ain't no game y'all ain't ready we too buck
These choppas is to crucial
They too brutal for you bra
So if you got some ana and you feel you stand a chance
You met the right n***a that will knock you out from standing

[Verse 5 - Princess]
Watch yo back when I hit the door
You think that I am playing games man?
I am here to take out you hoes and put shots that fit through your brain
We carrying deadly things
I am known for correcting lames
Come test me I'm ready it is going to be hectic up in this game
MOB that be my click
I down hoes for talking sh*t
Don't throw yo azz because you gon' get hit
That is the price for popping quick
Don't hate me for making cash
I'm the best, what you want some best?
Don't think I am scared to blast because I will bust and beat all y'all a**!