Crime Mob
What's happening, b*t*hes, hating a** hoes?
It's your girl, Diamond, checking in
One of the first ladies of Crime Mob
If you didn't know, now you motherf**king know
It's official: "Mob Sh*t"

Wake the f**k up, b*t*h!
This the girl, Princess
That thick chick holding it down with the crown from the A-town
If you ain't already know, it's going down

That's how we do this sh*t
On the East side of motherf**king town, where I stay
This your boy Jock motherf**king Migraine
And yeah, up in this thing with my dog, DJ motherf**king Scream
The trillest in the motherf**king South
The trillest in the motherf**king South

[Cyco Black]
Real n***as in the motherf**king building, you know what I'm saying?
Crime Mob
In the motherf**king building, n***a
This your boy, Cyco Black
This is motherf**king M-O-B
Yeah, n***a, this some motherf**king Mob Sh*t, n***a
Get it right or get your a** [?] back