Rachel Bay Jones
Kind of Woman
(spoken) When I first saw Pippin
He was lying by the side of the road
He didn't know where he was
And he looked so exhausted
And lost...ed
You'd almost swear he was dead

So I said pick him up
Put him to bed
See that he's bathed and clothed and fed

You may ask how could I foretell
He'd clean up oh so very well
But it was not surprise
When I raised my eyes
And there he was

I'm your average ordinary kind of woman
Competent and neat
Making life a treat
Others as nice
You meet often I know
At least once or twice
Every lifetime or so
I'm your everyday customary kind of woman
Practical as salt
Modest to a fault
Conservative with a budget
Liberal with a meal
Just your average ideal

My telling you this
May seem sudden and strange
It may not interest you much at all right now
But things change
Things change

Still I'll understand if I'm not your kind of woman
Anyone can make one terrible mistake
And I've no special glamour
No bait I can twirl
For I'm just a plain everyday
Commonplace come-what-may
Average ordinary
Wonderful girl!