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Yung Lean

"Tokyo Hands Park Freestyle"

Rob the bank
We got some hoes
We got some b*tches on my deck
We got pills, we're not [?]
You know Yung Lean, Sadboys, we out here
Up in the club sipping molly like a [?]
I'ma sippin' with my whole crew
Percocetting and, we sipping arizona [?]
I'll get a b*tch, then she sitting on my lap
Finna get these stacks
Got Yung Sherman, Yung Sherman coming
[?] faces looks like gremlins'
I don't give a [?] b*tches that would like to suck my c*ck
[?] in the club
Cause I'm up on the mountain
Up in the club and I'm sipping gatorade
I'm up with my f*cking whole crew, blunt in my mouth and I'm headed down south
Got 200 on my side
Sipping [?] like a [?]
Gotta say sorry
And you know I look like Bruno Mars [?]
Gucci socks yeah [?]
Ferrari be yellow
Face tattoo, mellow
I'll put you in the shadow
f*ck you and your b*tch
Standing in the shadow, I got people starin [?]
[?] got shadows, I don't care
Pop grafitti in the air
[?] xanax 'cause she know we don't care
Don't care about place
[?] got Gucci, we pull up to the [?]
We got Yung f*cking Sherman, we got Yung f*cking Sherman, we got-
And I'll f*ck her in the ass pal, sorry
Sipping with my shawty
Sipping on the Honolulu
You know that we sipping dudu
You can't see me 'cause I really can't see you
It's Yung Lean a.k.a. Yung Clean a.k.a. Yung Mean aka Yung Sugar
Haven't you seen?
I'm up in the club like I'm Charlie Sheen
I'm Charlie Sheen
Is that really you?
You know I been there all time with my whole crew

Woh, woh

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