More time yuh affi just light up a spliff and wul ah medz
Yuh hear dat?
Ahh yeah

Thoughts full ah painful memories (Pain)
Heart full a rage fi mi enemies (Rage)
Mummy gwan pray, mi ah beg yuh please (Please)
Fiwi life stay sweet like di melodies
Memories (Yeah), memories
Dem a vision jailhouse and cemeteries
Weh di melodies, sweet melodies
Mi family alright by any means

[Verse 1]
The cemeteries tek weh wi dream
Mi push a thirty-one inna mi .17
Mi ready, zeen? f**k up every scene
Ever clean, gun pon mi belly cah di devil real
Di level real, this sacred like the seven seal
Di money weh mi mek cyah heal di pain weh mi feel (Never)
Dem ah watch di man ah di match, by any field
Anuh roller-coaster life, it nuh Ferris wheel
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