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KXNG Crooked

"Jewelry Business"

The weekly's. We back. Happy Friday it’s the weekly's. Got a lot of my mind right now

I thought money would take my pain away
Thought money would take all my rainy days
Realized it can't when I’m at my ain't he's grave
The process of pain is deeper than 808's
Guess I was sleeping, I should have stayed awake
Ramen noodles for dinner I made my Great Escape
Still got problems, I'm praying over a plate of steak
Killers envious of the Benz with paper plates
Paranoia at the stop lights, some of you can't relate
Six in the chamber like the gang bangers in 88'
They wanna take what I make, I'm holdin’ major weight
Nobody’s iller, nobody is realer, give it to you raw, no filler-filler
I ain't bout to tell you a bunch of sh*t that will fail
You keep playin’ around with hammers and watch how them people nail you
In penitentiary cell what kind of dream did they sell you
To make you think it's a game that train of thought will derail you
I only kept guns cause I didn't want my brains blew out
But truth be told by the time I unload they already

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