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KXNG Crooked

"Bo Jackson II"

Check this out
Ay Dizz
I wanna hear that sh*t again
Bring that mof*cker back one time
One two three
Yeah yeah yeah

[Verse 1]
It's still Bo Jackson West Coast fashion
n*ggas all talk no action
When I got my Taurus on some bullsh*t I'm 'bout to go Paxson
And shoot up your whole faction
Peel in a gold Aston
Who got the Coast smashing n*gga just go ask 'em
I fathered your style two decades ago spazzin'
Kobe mind state no passes you halfwit
My Brother Dizz Made This I'm 'bout to smack sh*t
It's November the eight
My longevity stronger than your hope and your faith
n*ggas soaking in hate
That's why my lawnmower blades mowing over you snakes
f*ck with me I open your safe take your dope and your cake
Then the pump'll open your face
You b*tch n*gga (b*tch)
The coupe is six figures
A gold bullet for you rich n*ggas (Pow pow pow)
It's Hennessy skip the mix and take a big swig of
'Been sober over three years and still I p*ss liquor
Murdered the whole year
I ain't shedding no tears
Got Sirius Satellite playing my acapella
What the f*ck is going on here?
Rappers on the West get ghost that's why the coast clear
Packing me a hammer for breakfast I keep the toast near
King Zulu writing scriptures on Hulu
Piercing your heart with a gold spear
I'm OG with the bars I control the whole tier
No more Joe Rogan I cancel factors that show fear
I kill a goon my steel'll boom and fill a tomb
I make you eat a street sweeper 'till you sh*t a broom
I put the steel to your face like that n*gga Doom
It's Friday rest in peace to John Witherspoon

You know I'm saying?
We losing legends out here
RIP though
We gotta make sure that we remember 'em, you know I mean?
It's new legends too
Let me holler

[Verse 2]
Yea similar to Bo Jack n*gga your style throwback
Forty niners offense that's no Cap
Dizz got a pair of pimp hands
'Cause he produced it 'till the hoe Slap
I'm blacker than Kodak y'all wack and you know that
Stop acting like it's not a whole fact
Take a nation on millions to hold back
Dope rap when the flow snap
We slangin' quota sack's in the cul-de-sac
Take a photo and post that
Been a king since the Sphinx got his nose clapped
I know the science I know the blueprint's the Book of Ryan
I know I dropped a couple classics I know you n*ggas lying
I drop and you favorite rapper text me them n*ggas lose it
They don't hear views and streams
They hear music

Deuces deuces
Yeah (Ow)
Y'all n*ggas is wilding out there man y'all crazy dude
Talking 'bout
You gotta come with a classic
The first Hip Hop Weekly is a classic
f*ck you mean n*gga?
Got me the money
(Yeah the bread)
Got me the motherf*cking press media coverage
(All that sh*t)
Magazine covers what ever
(What ever what ever)
I toured off that sh*t
Made mo money
I got a classic body of work n*gga
I'm talking change in here you n*ggas talking raps? Huh?
I'm talking change
When I dropped the first weeklys I changed the whole f*cking Game (Everybody)
Everybody did that sh*t from Kanye to T.I. to everybody n*gga
That's change
When I dropped One Shot on BET
I created change now you watching Rhythm and Flow
The next move I do watch
It's change
You talking rap n*gga I'm talking change n*gga

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