KXNG Crooked

"Who Am I"

I'm the Dayton's on a 66
I'm the fingerprints on them Freeway Ricky bricks
I'm the clicky click, hidin' under them d**kie fits
I'm the frozen gleam like the nose of a coca fiend
I'm that drippy drip from the city that only birth crippy crips
You don't know me?
I'm the illest, flyest dealer, drivin' Benz's by ya
Dippin' on rims and tires
I'm the n***a that keep the snitches quiet
The killer that peoples b*t*h admire
I'm the addiction that burned up Richard Pryor in a kitchen fire
I'm a knife in a prison riot
I am the flag in a bangers pocket
Black exеcution, I'm the revolution, then camе to stop it
I'm the famous prophet, the great agnostic
The Anunnaki consciousness that gave you knowledge to make all of them ancient objects
I'm the Draco that paint the projects, rrrring rrrring, n***a
I'm the bank deposits, ca-ching ching, n***a
I'm everything, n***a
Who am I? Do or die
I'm the reason that you hold the Ruger high
I'm the first n***a with some money in the city that you ever seen
Put a eggshell Bentley on the East Side streets
Pockets greener than arugula
Who am I? n***a, I'm KXNG Crooked I (Pow)
Bigger Llamas, slangin' weed, get bigger commas
Doin' numbers with that tree like trigonomer
This is Slaughter (That part)
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