Hilltop Hoods

"Leave Me Lonely"

[Intro: Suffa]
Let's get it...

[Verse 1: Suffa]
Said he wanna go outside and to chop it up
I'm like, 'Cough it up, bruh, is it not enough
I'm nodding off?' God, what a load of poppyc*ck
If he popping off I gotta sock him with a mollywop
What does it take? For you to get the message, huh?
You're rude and kind of messy, da?
Now my mood is quite depressing who are you impressing?
Loser, I won't dress it up
Me and my friends, we are not here for your bullsh*t
I don't care who you're cool with, or where you went to school, kid
Nah-uh-uh, my buddies at the bar waiting
And I'm too young to be hating, but too old to be patient
So all right

[Refrain 1: Suffa]
Man, we'll be all right

[Chorus: Suffa & Pressure]
He said to me 'Look, I'm sorry, I'm not myself
I smoked some weed, took some Molly, can't stop myself
It's like I bleed then I worry I cut myself'
I said, 'Yo please, leave me lonely, leave me alone and lonely!'
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