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"Solo Fumo"

Like we said, we see through the smoke

[Verse 1: Mc Mell'O']
It's like they're before your eyes
But you can't see the lies
What lies ahead after all things' demise? (Yeah)
I've read it in the book of the heart and the skies (Uh)
I am that universe contained in the eye
You are that universe contained in the one
Redefine space and time, the end has begun
Blunt straight to the point of the matter
Mallaika gather, guard my back against daggers
Wickedness staggers and bleeds from the ears
Right there, being consumed by fear
Now who can you blame when no thing stays the same?
Template designed by the great unchanged
Yet, sheep people think they know the whole game
Conform to the norm, to be sane in the brain
It's like absolute loss or absolute gain
Or [?], the middle-in-lane
Yo Neffa, I'm telling you now that I'll never
Be blinded 'cause smoke screens I sever
From the year [?], up to now, and forever
We travel through the mist and we keep our mind state together
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