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Navy Blue


Yo, yo

Young boy, deep mind, slow thinker, each time
These lines reach my inner purpose, need mines
These n*ggas weak, I peep through they frail skin
Busy getting hell bent, standing in the pale wind
Holding up myself since, stumble off the L, p*ss
Crumble when that fog hit, early in the morning
Foot first, eye last, books burn, time pass
Cook work, dodge class, took purse, got back
Know that I see, I been watching
Getting the cold off my conscience
MIKE get the dope off at Tompkins
Tim, that's my brother, I got him
I had some run-ins with karma
I took some blows to the armour
n*gga who called me a fool
I'm winning, I'm charging for loot
Look for heart in the truth
I promise it start in the booth
Money, the fame, or yourself
But trust me it's harder to choose
Trust me

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