Henry Green

"Fear Of Falling Asleep (Henry Green Remix)"

[Verse 1]
This hold on me, I'm terrified
Feel so alone
The dark won't swallow me yet, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
As it spreads like a parasite

And as I lay here in my bed at night
The only thing that's truly mine
Is my fear of falling asleep
And not waking up

Oh, feel the sunshine on your face
'Cause it will come to end
Like a river dries without the rain
Will you witness me in a pit of fire
Or a blazing light atop a golden spire?
Sing oh
Oh, everything comes to an end
But I can live with that

[Verse 2]
I bury my head in the sand
And go on acting like it's all gone to plan
And I feel the sweat dripping down my neck
Pretend it hasn't happened then
It hasn't happened yet
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