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"Moment (UFC 226 Promo)"

Yea, It's crazy isn't it
You live your whole life for a moment
Let go of everything, You don't see anything else
Until you get to hold it
End of the road and nobody knows
The one in the mirror's your biggest opponent
'Bout to explode but you are a solider
Holding it steady, k-keeping composure

Yea like this how we live
Passion and heart is expressed by a fist
Every hit has just brought us to this
Las Vegas UFC 226

Hit the replay
Heavy weight, Cormier, Stipe
Watching the fate of a giant
This is Goliath Vs Goliath, Yea

Hoping for shakeup's, Energy feeling contagious
Warrior blood in the veins and now it's Holloway Vs Ortega
Yea, Relentless, Sacrifice fun and the friendships
Do it for love not attention, Hoping it pays in the ending, Right

Bloody up the knuckles, tryna' breath to the bell
Only one victory gon' be leaving here tonight
Francis Ngannou and Derrick Lewis, Give 'em hell
Ain't no way to tell tonight, Aye
I know that we've been popping off
But it don't really matter what anybody been talking on
It's only you and them and you gon' step into The Octagon
And you ain't gonna stop until you drop a motherf**ker, now it's on
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