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"Through the Static"

First Verse (0:19)

I'm a mothaf*ckin problem for these folks rappin
I'm feelin so past it
I'm sick of dealin' with this fake sh*t, it's so plastic
Yeah I won't sit with you
f*ck what you listen to
Cause I'mma do more damage with the pencil than John Wick could do
This industys shady it's got me feelin something vicious
Watchin' all these rappers broke as f*ck talkin about cash and b*tches
A couple years ago I didn't have a pot to p*ss in
Then I learned the music now everyday feels like f*ckin’ Christmas
I’m catchin lessons I love it but it’s not the business for me
See y’all will hate on anything before you check the story
For ten (10) years ive been grindin for a dream now its f*ck anybody who didn’t believe
I’m payin bills with a Spotify check
Lookin Down at my debt like Peace
Man there ain’t no one more surprised than I’ve been
But it ain’t about the money
It’s about the music dummy
I ain’t been this hopeful since the first time I heard God Loves Ugly
Checkin the microphone in here it be like One, Twoooooo
You got a goal to make it big? Well I got one too
I’m bout to mix the ingredients for a perfect flow and when that sh*t explodes I know that all ah y’all can get the smoke
You see, we do it for the love now
If you ain’t up for the challenge then sit the f*ck down
And since we last met I had a couple changes
Switched up some priorities, found some medications
And I pushed myself to limits I never thought would be possible
And found the fear of failure the only actual obstacle
The music dope the lyrics fresh
The (counts?) are always topical (1:28)
The sh*t I do, respectable. But love is always optional
You seein’ the team I’m seein? Yeah e steady droppin
Keanu Reeves in speed like yeah I’m never stoppin
And that’s routine sh*t, Cause everyday we flexin
Like, Do you even lift? Yeah spirits through the message
Listen then go write their own sh*t cause they so inspired
Come in with flame right off the dome guess I’m your ghost writer
My Third Eye’s got a birds eye wide open
I’m hella woke like doin DMT with Joe Rogan
I’m Floatin through the city on some introspective sh*t
And this is just the intro, what did you expect from this?
It’s heart-hop and we’ve been real since the inception
f*ck bein cool I’m tryna make a Real Connection
Don’t wanna disappoint, Game of Thrones Season 8
I’m f*ckin Breaking Bad go out at the top of my game
Thinkin of sellin out just to make a name but I would rather be myself any day
See I just need to be true to the love and the (manners?) (2:16)
Especially when in the booth, I’ll never change for the masses
And let that dumb sh*t mascarade in his passion
And I’m just tryna reach you
Through the static (2:25)

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