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"Rock On"

As sure as the sun rises in the east
It also sets in the west

[Verse 1]
Our sons done it, the gods never fronted
Whore nuns fuck a devil when the weight got hunted
My soul was a weapon, my mind keep stepping
In the depths of hell yet I fell from the lesson
My soul leaves the body, the situations nody
Original invisible to the ones who are tardy
A class for the better, cause I be writing letters
An' setting shit straight one lamb at one sheperd
Her face turns purple and demons in the circle
I held my breathe and I left out the womb kinda fertile
From the east the light shines onto the west
A test for the gods cause life is where they rest
Universe serenity, blocking out the enemy
If anyone makes it then thats the way its ment to be:
Brighter, the times of a fighter
Cause I'll survive life then step out the cipher

If your soul loves the sun, money, rock on
Rock on, rock on…

[Verse 2]
The gods keep praying, saviors ain't saving
Nobody's soul yet the devil keeps playing
And kicked out the heavens, I rest on the seventh
West of 85 if you chastise the reverend
Now is the mystery one peace for victory
Cause ain't no gods that will put you out your mysery
Justice will lead em, deprive you of freedom
They'll bleed for the seat even though you don't need em
The Beast and the Harlot, the land is a target
The truth will prevail but not many say far fetched
From 24 elders, and half its twelve
Ruler, inches measure knowledge of self


[Verse 3]
Lets see, it started with the serpent
Messing with Eve cause she wasn't certain;
Nobodys got a temper, a spiritual dilemma
Enter in the realm where the spirits in the center
Fuck perpetrating, cause they'll murder Satan
See faith broke the seal while the world be waiting
They left it all to Jesus, I'm picking up the pieces
Friends thats deceased can never read my thesis
They'll be resurrected in times not so hectic
Demons ain't elected while the money gets collected
The gods get theirs and the word is born
I mean the science of the future is what they saw
And the poor live in castles, lifes got no hassles
Its all real real just one big fiasco
No soul held hostage, angels kill the nonsense
Bond is my word, but first feel the knowledge

[Hook repeat till end]

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