Stangin’ Thick lyrics


I'm stangin' licks
And hustlin' thick
I'm stangin' licks
And hustlin' thick

[Verse 1]
I'm stangin' licks, hustlin' thick every day
A thugged out balla winning every way
Watching out for the haters, I see 'em comin'
When they move in four pound got 'em runnin'
Laws look in my range like they wanna blast me
But then they see the ice and drive right past me
Riding solo, stepping out of my ride
So much bling as though I get
Hustla gotta switch his eyes
I switch rides to my six-forty-five, face pounding
So many gals calling my cell I can't count 'em
I answer for this call, yella and a Asian thing
My lifestyle got em buzzin me time and time again
I'm loving this
It's like heavеn on Earth
Sometimes I think I got it for what it's worth
But what did mama say?
Oh yeah, I rеalized she said
Heaven's the best, could it be better than this?

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