[Uncredited Artist]
Uh huh
Here's a lil somethin for you bustas

Catch me in another state, in a big way
Makin' top cash, while these marks wait
Wonderin' why y'all fake?
It don't make sense
It don't matta, I'm tha realest
Fresh to death, evident
All these haters jealous, cause they envy my swagga
Hit you with that heater, make yo ass fall back
f**k what they sayin', my clique is the sh*t
I'm the realest in the grind, and these busta's still lit
Make marks step up, to a killa
I'll dеcapitate a snitch, and then go dilla
Act big tough, with my lil n***a
Been droppin' on you busta's, like thе Thrilla in Manila
I heard your clique finished last
Word in the hood, y'all ain't makin' no cash
Well I might get, movin' this cocaine
Makin' so much cash, you marks goin' insane
I done made it my mission
To treat these haters like competition
It's got me wonderin', will they ever get they money right?
It's got me happy, that they'll never join this lavish life

[Uncredited Artist]
Live this life, love this life
That's what I'm talkin' b*t*h
Too slick, kush rich
I'm runnin' f**kin' toothpicks
I smoke til' I'm useless, my sh*t f**kin' priceless
My squad thinks I'm distant and I wasn't always like this
f**k em' if they jealous
They can catch one in the stomach
Doesn't matter if they with us
They won't never f**kin' cut it cut it
Imma rock the Puma's with the Benz in em' (benzies)
I think you confused, cause your friends ain't (b*t*hes)
I be makin' money like some gravy (some sausage)
I got mashed potatoes with the bacon (no turkey)
Servin' up asparagus and morphine (I take it)
Tell your boy don't call me, Imma text em'
I just sold a quarter bend (?)
Never got a statement that sh*t bout to happen (?)
I know a lot stressed, cause they moved it from earth
Want to get them all the things that they deserve
Lettuce life, Lettuce life
Stressed out, sixteen

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