Ive Been Scalpin All Ur PS5s, So Mery Xmas U Marks lyrics


Stuntin', stuntin', stuntin', stuntin'
All hunnids, hunnids, hunnids (x3)

I'm 100 I stay a cool
(?) too
All my (?) they are fools
I just hit you with that tool
Most these women they are marks
Who weren't there from the start
Cause you ain't from the cloth, I ain't seen you out the dark
Top cash in my clique, now you know we the lick
Even though you a trick, you still get tapped with the stick
Heard your crew fell off, now you gotta watch me floss
100k on the dash, made ya hommies wanna blast
Find me in cement, 40 stacks well spent
Heard your boy was jealous, cause his pockets filled with lint
Steak and shrimp dinners, golden city gonna win hеr
Word on the street your trap game is beginnеr
Coke cookie cutters, took a G front and center
Money circling around a hustler like a spinner
Tried to stop the shiny stuff, got like a splinter (?)
It froze like every other season winter

Stuntin', stuntin', stuntin', stuntin'
All hunnids, hunnids, hunnids (x3)

I can see it in they eyes, haters sick from my ride
Big face hunnids, take em' up like "Surprise!"
Money all I know, so watch me stack
Jimmy crack corn can't get ya hunnids back
In a whip that's black, or a new (?)
New hunnids stick to me like thumb tacks
New 20, 20, 20s in a nap sack
So much money, they gon think I'm still sellin' crack
Catch me water whippin' watch how I jump back
16 morph to 32 like that
A hunnid little (?)
Probably catch your boy flexin' on your block again
100k ain't nothin' so find me in
Somethin' that'll make you wanna make me see bullet spins
And it's jealous folks that ain't true friends
When they steadin' switchin' up, and not real to the end

Stuntin', stuntin', stuntin', stuntin'
All hunnids, hunnids, hunnids (x3)

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