Until the End
Words spawned from fire scrape across the sky
Where once they failed, now they strike
Endless dreams have fallen through, lie unresolved

One sentence is gone, intentions were wrong
Unravelled the strands, the damage done
Where I stand, the function fails without you there

Knives so set and ready-made cut the wedding cake
The cold sideways room, the ring that never breaks
Bride and groom take the empty floor
And they breathe in other fumes, exhumed within that law
Caught on film, they fill their page
And build their own gilded cage

Hounds, cast-off clowns with anxious hands
Compare them there, the perfect pair
And the parasites descend as one
Man and boy alike, a thousand strong

Stand down your defences
In shadows drawn from your future tense
There attends the spectre on the causeway
For this time, I'm not forsaken yet
Live on through me
Forget you ever knew me at all
When I'm reckless and I don't belong
Say again the words that I'm founded on
Shout them out and high
They scrape against the night sky in the startlight
Putting the charlatans and frauds right behind me
Any other day, you'd return and stay by the firelight
Taking again the empty place right beside me
From where you are, bring you back home

Will you stay until the end?
When I'm down upon my knees, will you defend me then?
And wreath my form deep in your velvet arms one last time
Before my heart