Awake And Nervous (Radio Sessions)
So the certanty is I can get no air
Getting nowhere at all
Open-ended and suspended one by one
In the slipstream
And Harvest hold the horrbag
Emotion starts to lag
With panache I keep a-crashing
Through the sky
No compa**ion have I

Kick a kiss of superst**ion and I cry
"Just a guide or I throw
All the panic I can muster
Threatening to the cluster";
The hangman's w**** so obvious
Discretion's such a drag
But I know his apparatus snows my mind
When it gets too far out

Guard the ribs and fall
I long to catch my breath, condemm it all
As the number I become
They count me out a volunteer

See how they run in silence up the belfry steps
Each unaffected by the sight of the blistered skin;
Someone to calm me till the pounding in my head stops
Over the tens of thousands find no way out of in:
Through the pandemonium, My heart is beating like a drum
Barricaded in here, crawling's getting creepier
With my head in my hands, all the heaven in my heart

Get me out of here, let me get away
Let me go from here, get me out away
Get me out of here, let me get away
Let me out of here, let me go today