Is this the way that we begin?
Made our connections when the stars rolled in
Do you recall those constellations
Or did your lose them when tomorrow came?
Gone past remembering your all time low
Can't you keep it all?
I see surrender in your eyes
We miss the deadline and I don't know why
How many others did you bring down?
All unfamiliar till you showed them how
Can't think of everything every time
Trouble will find me now if I don't make a move
I thought that there was nothing left to prove
We said it all, don't say it anymore
Nothing anymore
Since time's not on your side or mine
If I meet you halfway do we land so blind?
Can't change the contours from within me
Got disconnected from the shape I'm in
Gone past remembering, it's over now
Certain to catch your eye, sure to change your mind
More alive than some strung out on the line
I'm held spellbound till now I'm carried away

After the calls fell through, all of the guns fell too
Where in the world would they begin their march?
You better than anyone would know
Where in the world they hide, wouldn't we hide there too?
Man of the moment played a lonely hand
Then suddenly everything became part of another plan
When memory failed, vile bodies were all we had
Some covered their own, laid under a layer of ash
Long said over lines, stones keeping forgotten time
When memory failed

Man of the moment, your time has gone
More known than unknown and holding on
Love song vagabonds, bags of bones
Skins tones in monochrome, carbon codes

All best intentions intensified
More known than unknown and open wide
Love song got it wrong every night
Outside, dead inside, out of sight