The Narrow Margin
Divided by loyalty, surrounded by emotion
Nobody under here, remembers any mercy at all
We stay down
Deciding the borderline
Maya, did no-one tell you?
I couldn't have made you mine
'Cause I feel your pain more than my own

All the love gone astray
There will be hell to pay this time
For those of us born to die
There'll be none to testify

Time and time again I skin the world, keel it over
Spinning on its side, beginning as it ended
Through these diamond eyes
Maid of Morphine settled in my side
Did she intervene?
Well, I'm the cleanest that I've been

Don't know where I know you from

Time and time again I've lived enough in silence
It's getting harder now to keep the violence in me
Someone I once was, raised upon a gallant rider's knee
Mortal memories lost among the unrecalled
Set the cross of fire (if I live)
These are the only ones (if I've loved)
Remember who they are
If I look, I see them everywhere

Don't know where I know you from

Told me, go the way of your heart
I'll be waiting for you
But wherever you are, you're not inside me now

Told me, try to sleep, I will come
But I'm still waiting for you
And wherever you are, I'm still inside you now
I'm never going to cut through without you now
If I get ascension or die
All the love that was mine denied
All the love that you qualified
Like a desert I'm open wide
There's nowhere for me to hide at all
For your love, I can never go back
Every one of us is herded and contained
Not a single one invited
Voices circulate around the musty hall
And the kerosene's ignited

Through the rising flames that lick against the flesh
Incandescent in the crossfire
Do my eyes betray the longest night of all
Do I see or dream of Maya?

But he's got us where he wanted us to be
Undivided, under control
As the narrow margin finds us face to face
As he laughs across the foxhole

Nowhere was ever safe enough for all of us
No one contender cared about getting out
Tied now behind the hungry fire meant for us
Scattered like dust and finally free Held together by fear
I can't be the same, too much has changed
Undeniably real and it's better left unsaid
All the love you said was nothing
Find a rhinestone not a diamond
I never wanted this
Left alive and laid to rest
Told me I was brighter than most
And I believed it all then
Through the dangerous times
I needed more than cold eyes
I want to be alone
To dream myself away from darkness and decay
As I try to forget it

No-one entered into my mind more than Maya
Someone she believed I could be is burning in me
Now I want to be alone like a stronger man
Then I can understand
As I try to remember where I know you from
Provider, are you inside or am I?