And I can't go outside any time of day
Soon as I'm revived, thoughts take flight
Sometimes I'm dead inside, sometimes I'm out of sight

Knives deeply flawed cut the cord, I was sworn right in
Lives spun around, cradled down in distortion
Hopeless, useless, worthless
Hateful, vengeful, numbskull

Somebody out there decided I never should have got born
Deciphered the warnings
Stopped and found it's a long way down
Toll taking, core shaking
Not a day goes by I'm unanaesthetised
Words I can't command, let alone understand

Novocaine attack, never going back to lawless insane insomniacs
Special decision heavyweight, let me in, I'll asphyxiate
Impossible universe in my way, these are the blues I can't escape
Kucklehead, one unlucky drop and I can make the noises stop

And I don't condone this, any answer I'll deny
Time when we're allowed to say goodbye
Though you were seldom true, sometimes you fell too ard

Irreversible change in circ*mstances, keep my perspective all I can
This is enough it's serious, wake up the stark interiors
Unorthodox end to self-restraint, tell myself mental blocks they ain't
Knucklehead, keep your heart intact, secretive mad amnesiac