Skullz Cipher
[Verse 1: IQ]
Stuck in a world full of fakes and lames
All these motherf**kers say they ain't the same
They create a name and dangle chains and claim
They'll spray your brain if you don't stay in your lane
Man get off that, you live in the Field of Plain
You can't talk about sh*t you can't explain
So how you gonna expect yourself to raise to fame
If you can't even spit fire with your face inflamed?
I admit I'm the sh*t, you should flush me out
And all this talk about me got me blushing now
It's disgusting how I'm getting money now
Back then the only green I saw was Brussels sprouts
But I'm sprouting up and I'm getting bigger
White kids see me, wanna take some pictures
Treat me like a God and I laugh and sn***er
Cause back then you was the white man and I was the ______

[Hook: IMHOTEP & IQ]
Aye, I heard y'all throwing bones, you already know
And we be grindin' to the bone, you already know
Aye, why these haters throwing stones? They already know
They already know, they already know

[Verse 2: IMHOTEP]
Woke up in a comatose
Don't do hope, kids, you'll overdose
And end up looking just like me
Another broke motherf**ker with a law degree
Might prove you're f**king wrong like "Baby that's the wrong hole!"
What you doing in my iPhone?
What you doing in my house now?
Thought I told you that my fam home right now
They were sleeping on me, drop a couple songs
Now they timeline creeping on me, working every weekend homie
Tryna catch a wave like a muf**king secant homie
Tryna catch a break like it's muf**king leaking homie
The flow is the coldest, there's snow on my shoulders
Ironic cause y'all know I'm spitting straight fire
Said "hop on my wagon", they lay down in front of it
Now they regret it cause they eating tire

[Hook: IMHOTEP & IQ]
Skulls in the closet, baby
Game locked up, you were bound to hate me
Skulls in the closet, baby
Got the game locked up, you were bound to hate me
Skulls in the closet, baby
Game locked up, you were bound to hate me
Skulls in the closet, baby

[Verse 3: IMHOTEP]
I got the juice like I'm muf**king Israel
She got the junk so I'm f**king with the spam mail
Boy I'm cool as f**k, I guess that I'm a fan male
*BRRP BRRP* If you call me on the handheld
Just know a n***a boating, yeah I cancel
Got ambition, why you always b*t*hing?
Cooking beats up in the kitchen so the fingers kinda purple
Hater words are kinda hurtful, but sh*t
When the meal is finished
And we all getting dough with the good spinach
Sit back, watch the squad get hella fat
Real talk, man, y'all ain't getting none of that