Do It Like Me Baby
Do it like me baby
Lean wit' me rock wit' me from side to side
Snap yo' fingers do it do it do it


[Verse 1]
Do it like me
On the dance floor
So icy
I rock Kangols
Yeah I need help I'm a nympho
K-rab arab set the tempo
For the streets for the best for the thugs
For the girl gettin loose in the club
Bring it back don't act like that
D4L and K-rab got stacks ask Dizzm Ask Loe
Ask Mou, Stuntman and Fabull
Yeah I'm down wit the beat for the street
DJ Pooh do it like me
West side zone 4, zone 3, 107.9 and V103
Made them shake their laffy taffy Told them do it like me
Rock harder DJ from the L.O.E

[Chorus - 2X]

[Verse 2]
Some really don't dance but I think I can
I'm a lean one time I'ma pop my hands
I'ma do it do it do it do it on the floor
Do it so long 'til my legs get sore
See this girl in front of me she rockin her hips and movin her knees
Oh sh*t there she go
She dancin all fast lookin like Fabo
I was just playing I don't really think so get back home said I don't won't no mo'
She said so
I said no
Baby I'm gone off to much 'dro pop that pill
And I pop 2 mo' now I'm really geeked up on that floor
I'ma lean wit' it wit' stacks wit it
D4L the best dub did it

[Chorus - 2X]

[Verse 3]
Oh No check this out right here
D4L put it down b*t*h this year
Put the clique up, gotta keep it so trill
Poppin' that bottom spend a hundr'd dolla' bill
Finished last shot a true streetwear appeal
Lay it on the line now I see what the deal
I know you wanna get with this here
The way you shakin a** tryin' to keep a playa near
But I'ma just lean
Left to the right
On the dance floor doin dance all night
N***a so cool I ain't worried 'bout no fight
I rule too deep
I want some pu**y and a mic
We got them motherf**kin 2's on site
My b*t*h hit shawtay 'n' try to get right
Jus' look at bankhead they feelin so nice
Don't hate sh*t n***a
Take 5

[Chorus - 2X]

[Verse 4: Fabo]
Do it like ya crazy how ya want it I'll do it slow
Go fabo go fabo go
Go fabull go fabo go
Lean wit it rock wit it
Bear ons Bankhead go

Go fabo go fabo go
Go fabo go fabo go

Fo' the old folks, po' folks
Whats in the drawer pro
You don't really want none
'Cause it ain't...
Noo baby girl whatcha got in that trunk?
Get Loose
Get Low
I'm gon' get it get it
I pop, I roll
(They can't feel me)
(They can't feel me)
[Chorus - 2X]