Mic meezy d rapmaestro

Nw listen y'all slumbers,this is the WAKE UP as we crash yo børders/ leave a whöle in ur f**ked chest with axe,plus boulders/ we ain't need no matches here b4 we blaize y'all todlers/ put a spear through u, sö u could feel the trust gee.....anaconda/|| my punches be smashing teêth/ and leave dummies with gnashing teeth/ send them back west,something lyk deport,leave'em monkey's with suprisn sh*ts/||

D4l, our guns be cøcking/..... Tö split this junkíes balls in/the air. So they could blow a kiss to their graves........more disgustin||

Bt d trúth is/........ U n***as couldn't stoop sh*ts/.......even wit 6pax on ur back, u still won't cruise see/.....and with two edged blows, i'll end ur life short like 2päc's störy when i bruise thee.||

F***k razor,we tear dis place apart/........, with fierce we blaise these lads and/.......if these n***as c*m here c*m förm,with blades nd dagger we'll tear im face apart/


We Bring to ya The quick schooL Flow|| N we schooL Those with weak-ful prose|| Only the weak Fool Knows, he ain't Capable to throw Punches or Weav Two BLow||

Is The WAKE UP,No switch but we Turn Tha RACE ON, U say Him no be ''MonkeY? but the ''CHEF could make AN APE-RUN"|| Get ur TAPE ON,Cos the VENOM I SPit is What can Make a SNAKE RUN||

We Make u AwaKe,u can say we are VIGIL-ANT|| F**k' u Can call it weaky Ryhmes,its cos we Brilliant|| Or peom,poetry whatsoever we Stayed underground N this is what we really Learnt||

Dope Head with MuD Face, ur whole Text is Just Fake|| Comb hair with Rough Face,No camera u Just dey Post Here n we just WaiT | N Dat B*t*h Show Here,n She Drop waist. MADAF**KER!!! ur LiNES NO SWEET its SOUR TASTE||

WE DUDE 4LiFE xo ItS TIME To SPEAK THE TRUTH or DIE|| ya BABY SHouLd eat the FOOD or CRY | we RIDicle alrite, we Bring the PRove of LIE, For Ya Fake account,Ghost writers,BIters,Recyclers or DUSTbin repackager.........We gonna Wish the intruder BYE!!!!!!!... D4L»»»

Its D4L who u Be For here + we Devour Here,I ask again who u be I Never see Ɣou before Here


Itz time to wake dis beast/ with a big feast/ datz well-prepared, else he'z gonna get p*ssed/ n start wiping off the human race like derz an Eraser in his fist/

N dis beast is me, prinzFunchi is on a rampage/ killin spree, blood shed, yeah I'm causin damage/ make n***as bleed to death n leave deir ghost lookin for bandage/ send 'em straight to hell, even d devil will ask "how manage?"/

N Dis is no bLuff, so y'all better be very scared/ I'm starting something evil! Itz gonna be a scary end/ for you bloody humans! When I unleash my deadLy friends/ tpops, meezy n tender gonna bring you earLy death! ! ! Raaa!

D4L means "dudes 4 Life" buh it could also mean "demons 4 Lucifer"!/ †ђªt means we could be ur friends, we could give you Liver/ n at d same time we could be d reason you shiver/ so to be friends or foe is ur choice to pick, we could make ur life a b*t*h n still make you leave her! ! !

Word! So itz best you stay on ur own lane/ n if you "cross our path" even Lastma go catch you cuz omo na one way/ yes one way, n it only leads to one place. . . Guess where?? .

HeLL Fire! ! !