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Big K.R.I.T.

"Moment Of Realization"

[Intro: Carl Sagan]

"The cosmos is also within us
We are made of stars
We are a way for the cosmos, to know itself"


Look, (look)
Huffleberry f*cking Fin
Born to win
Fulfilling prophecies high on tree like an ornament, uh

[Verse 1]
Guess it is my fault I was so open minded
I just wanted elevation, patient, I was slowly climbing
Looked to the Free Masons to awaken truths that I was finding
Never less replacing Ronald Reagan or Obama Biden
Calculations ancient the Sumatrans are who I confide in
Stretch my knees and dive in
Stream of consciousness is live anticipating with the Mayans
I had to go out, full kamikaze
Like that time I broke my leg and crashed my homies Kawasaki
I know you're thinking prolly' that this Huffy boy is froggy
Swear I'm more than able body pull the trigger on the molly
Over fables and I olli
b*tch that's death to the ecstasy cause existentially
I'm mentally, separated levitation my necessity
Just give you the best of me until I f*cking rest in peace
No GMOs in the recipe they f*cking with my 'gevity

[Verse 2}
Will I look like a young raven
Sun gazing, on chill like rum raisin
Will I stare into gun blazing
Facing acclimation, activation fabric slip into the matrix
Attic risen I'm an addict for the vision
Acting on occasion, fastened to my patience
Branches in the air, Ashes on the blanket
Stash is looking vacant
Flash my lashes recreate it
Now I'm blazing in amazement, face it
They could never play with my placement
They can't phase me, I stay patient
I'm that past it, they that basic
Two tabs acid, I'm blasting past the shaceships
I'm laughing, relax way awakened
Freelance till I make it, and make them
Retract all they statements

I be that, miyagi matrix, escapist
Umami assailant, enflavement all up in your ear like How Craig Mack was sayn' it
Membranous insane, twist the spliff on the road like its magic
Ha! really more like its maintenance
Feeling my body's as high as my homeostasis
Pealing the light through my faces
Beaming the righteous emblazement
Seeming just like I'm aligned with my timing and spacious
So silly the way that they find ways to make this
Something they confused if it's sacred
Something they confuse as complacent
A thing they misuse and mistaken
Abuse as they choose till they break it
So thankful my muses are ancient cause lately our humanoid race has been loosing their faith within nature
Swear I'm just here to engage ya
And hopefully encrypt a shift of the major
Celestial savior
The prayer goes peace love and lazers
Love nature cause sh*t, it's what made ya
I sit in the pasture, ascending to quasars
I'm mending the brains lacerations
And sending vibrations of positive visions and patience
I draw with my lips on the pages
Of all of creation
Not only just so I could feel the Sensation
So slowly I'll reach destination
I'm taking the love of my life and my love for this life
And if it's up to me Mother Nature
She told me it was so we'll make it

Hold me in blood that is ageless, the one so contagious
I'm feeling the love I'm above all the hatred
Pealing through nugs and the matrix
LSD cellular face lift
Haha wait it's more like I'm faceless
Saw the wake, it forecast my placement
Before my last statement I glance at the ripple that I'm making

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