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Big Sean

"Big Sean Freestyles on Flex (2019) | Freestyle #131"

[Verse 1]
Big talk, GOAT talk, player and that coach talk
You in the same spot from last year, n*gga that's yo' fault
She asked what time I was born, 'cause she on costar
God played a role in my life, even the broke parts
You know, and I can't pick up on a payday
For people who ain't answer me back when it was mayday
I seen so many young kings end up like Tay-K
Boy I'm from that D, that Glock 9 more triggered than Nae Nae
sh*t, I seen n*ggas who wasn't b*tches get b*tch smacked
I seen my daddy and my step momma get kidnapped
I'm paranoid, I'm always sittin' up, I can't sit back
Like I'm tryin' to get my six pack from 2006 back
Five Ps: Proper preparation prevents poor performance
Yeah n*gga, I live that
Visualizer, made a song I do it then I did that
Where I was and where I wanted to be felt like a mismatch
Look, a hundred K out to the boys and girls
Another hundred to my family church
To sum it up in eleven words
I did more for my city than anyone ever livin', sh*t
f*ck if you like my verse
You sold your soul, I could never sell mine, n*gga
Might hit the pus*y but I still ain't hit my prime, n*gga
Look, I'm mankind's one-of-a-kind
Even if I get ahead, I work like I'm runnin' behind
And I took some months off from the music
And still doubled my net worth, they asked, "How did you do it?"
Besides being one of the last investors in Uber
Plus my real estate deals, plus ember, plus wheels
If I stop now, all my businesses still movin'
Ten million on the crib so the clique can move in
And I'm in that b*tch teachin' 'em about assets
And how to pay the least amount of taxes
And as long as the world is spinnin' on an axis, I need all access
And Xs, buddha and god bless us, n*gga

[Verse 2]
I'm like Funk, what the f*ck? n*ggas really f*ckin' up
I ain't in your conversation? Good, I don't want to talk
Tell my dog, "Grab the AUX, play my good music and walk"
n*ggas skimmin' through my sh*t, see that sh*t really p*ss me off
See, let me know somethin', how the f*ck I push Joe buttons
From him frontin' on me to like "Bro, you got somethin'"
I'm done treatin' everything like it's just not nothin'
Like I can't hit the LCA today and have the spot jumpin'
Goddamnit, I can walk in the middle of [?]
Wearing all green right now and stop traffic
My mother callin' me, my brother callin' me
My other brother callin' me, my stepsister and cousin callin' me
It's like the problems they can't handle, they give all to me
I never miss they calls, I miss my granny collard greens
Overwhelmed in my head, sometimes I want to scream
I wear my smile like a mask, happy Halloween
To see things 20/20, we needed 2019
It's crazy how the realest things make the silliest memes
Like Michael Jordan cryin' when he hit the hall of fame
That taught later on in life, I laugh at all my pain
Look, I know what it's like to have an endless hunger
And feel like your road to success is under construction
If you don't see me then you gotta be blind
My family all deltas, we been throwin' up dynasty signs
Dog, I'm Nigerian but I still got love for my Jamaicans, man
Fresh off of MTV 'cause I'm tryin' to make all the bands
And Ms n*gga
And Bs n*gga
Spit this sh*t through the wire
I'm rockin' Cartier wires
n*ggas snitchin' through the wire
My hood is worse than The Wire, n*gga
My dogs say, "Let's get it," I'm like you preachin' to the choir
I could write memoirs on energy vampires
Who sit and transpire 'round industry campfires
And I be lookin' at 'em like, "You a damn liar, n*gga"

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