Big Sean


[Intro: Big Sean & Post Malone]
Yeah, uh, that's right (Yeah)
(Yeah) Uh, yeah, yeah, uh-huh

I was raised by the wolves (I was raised by—)
I was raised by the wolves (I was raised by—)

[Chorus: Big Sean & Post Malone]
I was raised by the wolves, ate 'til they full (I was raised by—)
Runnin' through the night, playin' with your life (I was raised by—)
Go against the pack, that's risking your life (I was raised by—)
Better play it right, yeah, you better play it right (Woah, woah)

[Verse 1: Big Sean]
I got loyalty in blood, I do anything for love
And everything for us (Us, yeah)
Doing everything like everything ain't been too much (I'm too much)
You know my favorite time to come through for you is the clutch
Last second, what a rush (Rush, rush), look
I'm the type to talk to the stars (I look up), straight up
These ain't tattoos, these are scars
My young dogs will tear you and the witnesses apart (Straight up)
They care 'bout starving more than they do 'bout a charge (Woah, woah, woah)
Me, I can't break a commitment (No)
I done seen people f**k up the whole team 'cause they couldn't play they position (Play your position)
Talking 'bout they didn't mean it, b*t*h, you know the road to hell was paved with good intentions
I see myself in my nemesis (See)
I contemplated forgiveness (No), I think I lost all my innocence (Yeah)
All my life depend on this, this ain't no simp or sucker sh*t (Woah)
Try and steal and you get bit, that's what you motherf**kin' get
I feel safer taking risks and I can't eat this on my own life
Put my back against the wall just to see how much I've grown, dawg
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