Big Sean


[Pre-Chorus: Big Sean]
b*t*h, I'm back, and it's up, PSA (Woah, woah)
I'm too fleek to take off all my sh*t at TSA (Fleek)
I know we met today but I'ma need that sh*t today (Straight up)
Might go extra-extra just so I could see they face (Hit-Boy, straight up, damn)

[Chorus: Travis Scott]
Keep X's and O's and interchange, yeah (Ooh)
Hit three in a row, that's just a game
Big rings in a row all down my fingers (Ooh)
I can't even hold my baggage claim
Tryna snatch you home, my Lithuania (Ooh, oh)

[Verse 1: Travis Scott]
Pass, do you mind? (Yeah) One of a kind
Get you to sign (Sign), I took the fine (Cash)
Mulholland Drive (Skrrt)
I hesitate a week and hit that line

I hit more, say the least (It's lit), got stacks aside
Keep that for bro and peeps with all the rhymes (Straight up)
Wrist eight and a n***a tell you risqué lil' hoes keep tryin'
By the end of the day, my Ms gettin' wired
My own rounds for every time we tried (Yeah)
I'm sensei and senseless, same time
Two drank, two cups poured up
I'm insanely down, slowed up
(She built round, butt bubbled up)
Don't inflame me now, go nuts
I keep flame right by my guts
It was out, but now it's tucked
Know back home they proud of us right now
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