Why Would I Stop (Big Sean Remix)

Big Sean

(why would I, why would iI, I am unstoppable)
Put some respect on my pen, feel me? (On God)

Tell me, why would I stop
We came up from turning nothing into something
We stuck to the plan, and now the blessings coming
You know how we coming, and it ain’t no bluffing
Man, we bout to get it (let’s go)… ain’t no debate or discussion (aye)
Tryna talk down on the gang like it’s sweet, you gon’ have to face repercussions (aye)
We came way too far just to throw in the towel
Twelve years in, still holding it down
I got family ties, only real ones allowed
Yes, I do this for them, and I know that they proud
Tell me, why would I stop? (Why?)
We too established to settle for less than immaculate
B-Level frequency, man that’s inadequate
Tryna check us, Alpha Bag now we cashin’ it
Woo-woo, this ain’t nothing that I’m new to
Tapped in my power like never before
Now I move with the force like I’m Dookoo
But I bear the light like I’m Gloku
What you thought, we were destined for greatness
We just had to keep our feet on the pavement
Made a way and now they gaze in amazement, it’s crazy
Tell me, why would I stop? (Why?)
Why would I stop? (Tell ‘em) I am unstoppable
Angels covering the boy as I tread
Smooth operator how I’m moving through obstacles (oou, yuh)
Shine like the Sun, but I’m prodigal
Turn on my people that’s highly illogical
Built for the grind, my work ethics phenomenal
In this for life boy that bag astronomical (woo, woo)
So failures not optional
Cruise in my lane, so succession is probable
Coming in hot, boy the flow diabolical
Giving 'em samples of what’s in the arsenal
(Grrrrrrrr) wait—hold up, I don’t- stress I- dive in it
Living out purpose, so we steady working like ain’t no such thing as a time limit
They searching, but I just like moving in silence
Thinking I’ma call it quits, you wylin
Don’t question my methods, just peep my record
Boy them covers don’t go unless I did it
I told em from the start I promise I don’t plan on stopping long as I got breath in my lungs
I do this for all of my people that’s here for longevity, I can care less bout the funds
But obviously, we tryna run it up, God orchestrated the play
This journey a marathon, not a race
So we just running at our pace
Headed for that spot with the greats
So why would I stop? Why would I stop?
I am unstoppable
Tell me, why would I stop?
Tell me, why would I stop!

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