Word Up lyrics

Big Sean

Kill it, kill it, kill it, kill it
I look up, I said I think it's time to kill it
b*t*h I'm sexy as f**k, you ain't even gotta tell me
I ride around to Pac, I f**k my girl to R. Kelly
Tell her make me a sandwich, no pb and jelly
She look back like "Goddamn, what you think this? A deli?"
I'm screaming "Hell yeah trick, Hell yeah whoa"
That sh*t make her love me more, and she know I love her too
She know I been to hell and through, I need what Reverends do
Power of the revenue got me up 2 to 10, and 10 to 2
I gotta shine boy I be a star, on firе that's a meteor
So I'm eithеr or on TV with a Rita Ora set your DVR

Stacking money face to face what that mean CPR
Everyday the day date, gang bang major pain
D-Town I ride around, me and my dog like Charlie Brown
Just trying to get that white money you know, countin' cake and KK's
On a day to day to day base, then vacay for eight days, ooh
You know mutha f**k taking a vacation
Put palm trees up in my house and have a stay-cation
Getting paid while I'm chilling that's a paid-cation
Full glass of champagne, oh no, you can't taste it
I seen cars (switch up)
Seen Hoes (switch up)
Seen Money all switch up
When the days get long

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