Hardy Caprio


Shorty wanna get herself sponsored (How?)
Hangin' ’round villains and monsters
Big Benzos, not Hondas
All of them man are imposters
Wrists on drought
Tings come 'round
Live in the woo, flesh, flesh, ayy

[Verse 1]
Ayy, little charity case
Had to make money for my family's sake
Had to make money, now I start on the beach
And if I say wait, b*t*hes gonna happily wait
Call out my n***as on f**kery
You don’t wanna be a GoFundMe
Twitter woulda had a man cancelled (If what?)
If they saw how I came up, trust me
I might slide out, Gucci, iced out
I might ride a hoopty, nike pouch (Right)
They wan' wile out, Bookey, wine out (Wile)
Better mind that we don't find out
Why you bein' shy, girl? Come here (Wassup?)
You know man like us don't come here (Wassup?)
More time, we just wan' have fun here
But we might five, four, three, two, one here
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