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初音ミク Hatsune Miku



[Verse 1]
Full force heart attack
Five point punch, don't hold me back
We see through you like it’s glass
All you n*ggas f*cking trash
You're not that savage or ruthless, no (f*ck)
Quiver with fear when you step to the GOAT
They gon' force me to lose my control
n*ggas ain’t ready to walk down that road, what? (f*ck)
f*ck this whole scene, man, we taking sh*t over
I've been doing business, I've been with the olders
It's too late for n*ggas, the deadline is closer
The world has been mine, don't you see I'm the owner, yah (f*ck)
We are that ultra light-beam, yah
We 'bout that money and cream, yah
I f*ck your b*tch to my beats, yah
I like the way that she screams
Little n*gga doing bits, dropping tracks for the hell of it
Never been indefinite, I'm the master of the evidence
Run up on a n*gga, I turn to John Wick, I’m a nemesis
Pull up on the trigger and do the venomous negative (Die)
I’m so down and aggressive, I run around with the weapon
I'm tripping out on the drugs, I’m 'bout to break me a record
I'll knock your teeth like a dentist, I broke her heart, don't regret it
I’m like Dennis the Menace, oh my-my-my flow is stupendous (f*ck)

(Jamaican ad-libs)
(Jamaican ad-libs)
Ayy, yuh, Scarlxrd, yeah, haha, where's the coffee?
We lit, die
(Jamaican ad-libs), ready?
Ayy, ayy, hey, hey, die, yeah, Scarlxrd, blegh

[Verse 2]
Keep my f*cking name out your mouth, you don't know me (f*ck)
You just hear the sh*t out my mouth, listen closely
Everything I spit is hot sh*t and unholy
pus*y-n*ggas never seen a clip, they're so phoney
I f*cking hate this place
I see hell inside your face
That sh*t fills me up with rage (Die)
Passing points we shouldn't break
Scarlxrd's really 'bout to change (Die)
From that Railcard to the Range (f*ck)
On some upgrade life exchange (Die)
I break down and recreate

This could be interesting, watch me
f*ck, break
Uh, yeah, ayy, hey

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