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"Brain On Drugz"

[Intro: DJ Cut throat]
Cut throat man, been rockin' with Freebandz, Escomo city since day one n***a
I remember smokin' blunts in yo basement, me you and future
n***a talkin; bout how big this sh*t gon be how epic this sh*t gon be, you can go nowhere without hearin' no Future, no Esco
Salute, DJ Cutthroat big homie

[Hook: Future]
Let me inhale the chronic smoke
I can't lie I'm addicted to the dope
My brain on drugs
I f**ked around and took a prescription pill
Ask my ex how it feel when my my brain on drugs
Sip, sip, sip, sip, cup after cup, I can't get enough
My brain on drugs, and it's sad to say
All the kids out there it's very bad to say, my brain on drugs

[Verse 1]
I'm crumbling herb , I stuff me a swisher
I light up the tree, every day round here it be Christmas
I’'m clouding my thoughts, my words comin' out doper
And I'm always high, that's what I got locs for
I’'m on a real strong pack, that California OG
I'm smoking blunt after blunt , like snoop D-O double G
It's hard to keep it low key , when you smell like a whole P
I wake up every single morning, twisting up me some green
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