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"Freestyle (no autotune)"

Metro in this muthaf**ka n***a
I don't need no autotune for this, ya heard me
Freeband gang
(The coolest DJ in the world)

[Verse 1]
Stress all in a n***a shoulders, feel it in my backbone
Trials and tribulations taking the pain with an advil
Rich gang la familia, last night was mad real
Texts in my phone playing jealousy and hatred, misery loves company
But I'm going on vacation, put the herb on rotation, you bite the hand that feed you
You can take a n***a heart but you can't the mind
I got the braincells of a billionaire, I wake up and fly anywhere, fly n***a anywhere
It's Klein-Davis, I'm f**king up club sofas
With my [?] bustin roaches with ashes on ashes
Spaceships and stars, I see snakes in the yard but I can deal with 'em
These b*t*hes eat pu**y better than me, I choke her while I f**k her, can't nobody do it like me
(Yeah she know dat)
Callin' this hoe my girl had to be on Molly and E
What the f**k I was on man? I'm tripping off that good codeine and kush
f**kin' up [?] Imma' keep it on pushing cause it ain't f**kin' up my limits
Turn my weakness into strength, now forever scripting
Let a hoe ride first class put your sh*t in the bentley, man what's goin' on?
Put my codeine on swishers
f**k it I love it, I taste it
It's so strange, but it make the pain go away, (DJ ESCO), it make the pain go away
When you frustrated cause you been a good n***a, when you was a crook n***a tryna' play it by the book n***a
And got played by a crook, n***a, it ain't easy at it look n***a
But God got his eyes on me
Like Whitney on the track
I will always love you for having me recognize the reality of karma
Future Hendrix
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