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"Super Trapper"

The top come off the Lamb 'cause I'm a super trapper
My pockets on Fat Albert, I'm a super trapper

I came up from out the 'partments where they trigger happy
Bought my b*t*h a brand new Rollie and she still ain't happy
Got that Cartier with diamonds and I'm laughing at ya
911 Turbo Porsche cause I'm a super trapper
Young Pluto is out the trenches but I'm big and badder
I can't never go back broke and that what really matter

Tryna sabotage my crew? Boy, you a swagger jacker
911 Turbo Porsche 'cause I'm a super trapper

[Verse 1]
Rags to riches, f**k these snitches I ain't scared, bruh
Cold and sheisty, put some prices on your head
I'm a product of the young n***a with dreads, yeah
Yeah, my left wrist cost a bird, I'm a Tropicana serve
Shawty unsure, hope we don't do no sherm
Came from out the Kirk, made myself a don
I gotta do payroll, my check on Jose Canseco
First class Saint Tropez ho, you do whatever I say so

The top come out the Lamb cause I'm a super trapper
My pockets on Fat Albert I'm a super trapper
Two door Maybach on the schedule that's the latest
Hard top 'Rari, Double R, hey, that's Mercedes
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