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"Outta Time"

I see you makin' hella noise, but I ain't enthused
Feed me Don, Don, Don, Don Perignon

Gotta be in a rush, I can't be runnin' out of time
What you mean what's on my mind?
Federal Reserves on my mind
I got the plug online
Go crazy lavish, put the spaceship on Davins
Compellin', you can hear the guns yellin'
I can't take no vacations, I can't lose
We poppin' mollies and they watchin' like parole

[Verse 1]
I see you makin' that lil' noise, but I ain't enthused
Kidnap, no flinch, I'ma set back and reminisce
f**k that b*t*h, got a love for water whippin'
Zone 6 n***a ridin' in a V12, that's too Venice
I don't wanna show ‘em no slack, I gotta get me a sack
Takin' their clean batch, still fighting my demons
I'ma drop my top, get some, I mean this
Shawty give me that mouth while I make a scene with (super sloppy)

Who knew I'd get this much attention?
Be cool before you get put on suspension
P.I.M.P., gettin' that Monica Lewinsky
Chain on freeze, wrist on jet-skis
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