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Yeah yeah

I seduce you with this Aston Martin
I bought today
Oh, you done did more drugs than me?
You must be hallucinating
Oh, you did more percs than me?
Then you must be hallucinating
Don't menace over these Vicodins, you must've seen Satan
I seduce you with this Rolls Royce truck that's on the way
Chanel is on the invoice, I had bought the store today
That b*t*h get on my nerves, man
I had to send her out to St. Tropez
Oh you done blow more checks than me, boy?
Then you got to be hallucinating

I'm a young n***a with this check and I f**k it up
The freshest thing that I ever bought was that Bentley truck

[Verse 1]
I could turn a stripper to a diva
Chinchilla on her, that's a PETA
Shawty light the gun like Bonita
Rockstars goin' like the Beatles
I took styrofoams to the meeting
Three cellphones when you greet me
Got a b*t*h waiting in the lounge
I done had to move a few pounds
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