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"TKWGO 3 (Intro)"

They know what's goin' on
Young n***a, I'm back at it
Got 'em addicted like crack addicts
I like that cash I'm a cash addict
I'm in the trap, n***as in and out
Used to be losing, I'm winning now
Used to try to work a half an ounce
Now a n***a got bricks now
I know that they thought the lil beat was gon' drop
I just pulled up in the hood in a drop
Still trappin' while the hood hot
n***a f**k the neighborhood watch
I just went and got some new diamonds
Show 'em to you, now you blinded
n***as talking but I don't mind it
I ain't searching, I know where to find it
Yeah, it's out in them Cali trees
b*t*h, I'm your king, I'm your majesty
Got too much money, can't answer me
My brother showed me how to work the bowl
My brother showed me how to get the load
Now it's like ten K for a show
Made the whole crowd say free Zoe
My money stretching like it's elastic
Diamonds shinin' like they from Atlantic
When n***as see me, these n***as panic
These n***a pu**y, they need some panties
Your b*t*h f**k with me, yeah her wish was granted
These n***as sunk like the Titanic
Half of these n***as can't really stand me
They wanna know how a n***a manage
They wanna know how I'm getting money
Steady standing on a f**k n***a
Stop all that speculatin' n***a
Know what they did, that's why I don't f**k with 'em
n***as done crossed a n***a so much
That's the reason I don't trust n***as
n***a my own cousin had did it
He broke as f**k and I'm up n***a
If you're forty then it's over with, this a young n***a takeover
n***a this They Know What's Goin On 3, finna give a game a makeover
I just had told you I went bought a Benz
Now I'm finna buy the Range Rover
And if a n***a step in my way
Then his ass gettin' ran over
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