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"Married to the Game (P-Mix)"

I don't need no sleep, just give me mo drank
Nitrous oxide fill that way up in my tank
I'm going waaaaaay up, no can't keep me down
Now I'm gaaaaaassed, huh. Cannot. Slow me. Down

Hello my dearly beloved
I wouldn't leave you for nothing. No, I'm too focused on you, baby. Way too focused on you, babe. Counting it up

Nights that I stayed up can't give you a number. All that I ask is you give me your number
And now we staaaaaaay up. Love that we keep it 💯

All my life I been a dark horse
Black sheep, black berry
The sweeter the juice in me I'm too beast, I chop these beats and then fill my belly, that's COOKING

Cause everybody making TV dinner for prime time, but me I'm bout to give em 5 courses

Like 5 solas. I'm high solar, don't get burned when I show the light
Treat the hustle like a main one, this Young gun ain't got clips for side chicks, I need my Nina
She a rider, yeah that's ride or die. Speeding from a life of slow retirement, please don't ask me why I...

Don't call, when you call me on the cell phone baby this is just my passion that I can't turn off
So crank the volume, I'm still PRKR gunning for the Author, but aware of the human condition like an Ebola virus

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