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"Code of Honor"

[Skit: DJ ESCO]
Another day in my life, huh
I'm proud of myself, this the longest I've ever kept a job
I don't care if it is workin' at the gas station
'Cause in two months, I get my first raise
This owner, Ali, always tryin' me though
Oh my God!
When he told me I gotta work overtime today, knowin' I'm goin' to my boy's barbeque
I knew this was gonna be my last day
At this point, I ain't even got nothin' to say
Bruh... sh*t... man, look here, I got places to go and people to see
Keep that 30 cent raise! I'm gone
Man I swear I need my own show
My life is like a movie

[Intro: Future & DJ ESCO]
Super, this for the gang, oh
Is that your Rollie, man, is that your Rollie? DJ EscoMoeCity

[Chorus: Future]
Spark up the dodie, then you check your Rollie (check me out)
Hol' up, hol' up, hol' up, hol' up, hol' up
I wanna sack the baddest
I wanna know you the baddest (baddest)
I wanna know if you're tatted (tatted)
I wanna know if you're ridin' (ridin')
Creep on the low like assassins ('sassins)
Take trips you'd never'd imagined ('magined)
In a whip you'd never'd imagined (check me out)
Who said we'd never be gunnas?
Live by the code of honor (code of honor)
Who said they're ready to purchase?
Who ready to snatch up a Phantom? (Snatch up a Phantom)
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