Q Da Kid
World Premiere
[Jermaine Dupri - talking] - w/ ad libs
Yo, (ok) kids I was sittin on the block the other day man
Some fine a** girl walked by
And she was lookin, I'm lookin back
She said uh "JD I love those 20's on your car"
I said I beg your motherf**kin pardon
Them is Michael Jordan's baby
She gotta understand the type of n***a you dealin with
A young, fly, flashy So So Def representer
The biggest thing in the city since Martin Luther the King
Uh, holla at 'em

[Q Da Kid]
Brooklyn is what I'm reppin
Disrespect and bullets fly in your direction
Ridin shotgun with JD I got so so connections
Locos and the chrome blows, homie not to mention
I got four homes that I own, I'm certified pimpin
Cross my path, shots blast instant
Extort your a** the kid got henchmens
The whole Brooklyn for instance
Red dot, ruthless, head shots stop you from thinkin
A best seller's what I'm inkin
Another Brooklyn cla**ic, straight acid, keep listenin
Twin Desert Eagles, duck when I'm twistin 'em
Rims spin on sick vehicles, look we killin 'em
Manson and gas my adrenaline, racin fast
Switchin four lanes with weight up in the stash
I'm livin so so better now, the so so dash
Is what I'm sittin on, blowin up so so fast

[Da Brat]
Yeah, uh huh
Yo, You really don't wanna get hit
Hot lid when I empty the clip
Drop kid if you droppin your lip
Never know enough about but I talk sh*t
You must wanna eat up my clit
Everything we ever did on is sick
We don't have a party, we rich
We cut it up with anybody we with
And I'm the main one, havin to fit
Can't nobody do it like this
I got a gat by the side like my man Big
Stand out on that song he did with me
You feelin the presence of So So Def
Rest a**ure we gettin the money, crush your label there's no more left
Just fables fictional characters I
Stay away from those who embellish the truth and LIE
I'm kickin the same sh*t you been used to since "Funkdafied"
Let your mind escape, you layed away back and enjoy the RIDE
Yeah, I'm rollin on deuce trays
Shoot all my Tequila straight
Catch me at the bar of the bay
I might even buy you a little drank
We been choppin paper for years
Ain't scared of you n***as out here
Some of ya'll might think we disappear
But everytime the resurgence is clear
[Lil' Fame]
Yo, yo
Brooklyn has to be two of the illest
Felons to be diluted I do whatever, to foot it
Like I wanna do it, like I do it
When I done it
PU**Y (PU**Y), roll like caine
Just rhymin with Benz or present with the Coupe-a
Drive my lifestyle down, I'm between lines and my new slip
2003, M.O.P. n***a you see
My fundamentals of a street life n***a
Cuffin her hair, have it over left, nothin to fear, BIATCH!

[Billy Danze]
Warriorz! (WARRIORZ), Come out and play! (COME OUT AND PLAY)
From the dark side, where we reside, we die for (BK)
We a whole different breed of men, you need to squeeze us in
We'll get in where we fit in like BUK-BUK-BUK-BUK-BUK-BUK-BUK-BUK
Still rockin what's poppin, you still lookin shooken
We a long way from the day when you overlook Brooklyn
It's like lotto Duke the way we represent it
You really gotta be in it to present it, you get it?
We God!!

[Da Brat - talking]
Yeah, you see this sh*t right? (*laughing*)
You know what I'm sayin, it's So So Def (*echo*)
You dig, this is a World Premiere
JD, this is a World Premiere
You dig? hahaha, yeah
And I'm the Brat a tat-tat-tat, you dig (*fade*)