Q Da Kid
On A Mission
[Verse 1: Q Da Kid]
First Kane did it
Then Big hit it
He left J wit it
Tag now I'm izzit
This is history bein made all over
Just when they thought that it was all over
They hatin expect me to fail
Expect me to lose don't expect me to sell
Well hell I got breakin news
Q shine bright like Jacob jewels
I try to help em but they some ungrateful dudes
They see me on tv makin moves
I been there done that
Got rich in one month ya dumb stacks
I done been thru a lot of a lot a sh*t and from dat
I learnt a lot I been waitin for this comeback
Now it's on me
The group split they said I wouldn't do sh*t
But I'm way too creative to sit
Innovative I prayed and I proved it
I'm doin things that only most can imagine

[Hook: Jermaine Dupri]
I'm a believer
I'm a overachiever
If you got plans of makin it to the top
That's the only way I'm a c yaaaa
I'm on a mission to get mine
I don't talk about it baby
I be about it baby you know
I'm on a mission to get mine
I won't stop stop til everybody knowwwssss

[Verse 2: Q Da Kid
It mighta took me a minute but now I'm in it
Fly women my style ain't mimic
I'm so innoventive got the mind of a co-chemist
I stand out so fly so emit
A giant in the game tryin to gain scrimmage
They say I'm arrogant got a vain image
Instead a wishin me luck
They tryin to figure out ways to finish me up
But this is my time you dudes menace is up
I'm out grindin whoever try to call my bluff
Just holler at me via e-mail or I-chat
Never ran never will I fights back
I'm better skilled for the job and I like that
They got their grill face on but inspite that
Momma said you gotta go out and get it son
She can't drive but a Benz I'm a get her one
Just for the hell of it to say that she got it
What they sayin is irrelevant I'm soul surviving that's big

[Verse 3: Q Da Kid]
They say hip-hops dead but I beg to differ
Took a pit stop who woulda ever figured
That I be here getting guap up never da quitter
Slowin down is one thing that I never considered
Now it's big screens 12 mil
Everybody want a piece of my alleged deal
I can't sleep I'm Heath Ledger on pressure pills
I can't stop won't stop and I never will ah ah I never will